Nov 27, 2010

what the world has taught me

what the world has taught me
has not been easy
Lessons of lies and betrayal
of heart ache and pain.
So i sit here, in the dark
wondering what to do next.
Afraid to move,
afraid of more pain.
of more heartbreak and lies.
Afraid of the world

Oct 25, 2010

we can just walk around all day

Poetry Project time!! Its been a while!! The lovely Marian from @Runaway_tweets obviously suggested the line for me. I suggested one for her too, so keep an eye out for it!

Her perfect red hair
highlighted with purple streaks,
shimmers in the sun
making my spirit glow
Her nose, decorated with a diamond
and her skin, decorated with ink
is familiar
Full of life
Full of love
She is my very best friend
My partner in crime
My soulmate
We can just walk around all day
in silence,
and know what the feeling of the moment is,
the thought of the moment.
My soulmate.
With her shimmering red hair, and decorated skin
She is beautiful
and full of love.

*update. Here is the poem she wrote with my line!! Give her some love!~

Hallow's Eve

The Boogey Monster is on the lookout
for young ones to taunt.
Cackling is heard in the distance,
reminding you of nightmares you had as a child
of Witches and Evil.
You see a Cauldron in a dark corner of your favorite park
and chills run up your spine.
This evening is frightful,
the most frightful of all.
As ghosts and goblins surround you,
you wonder 'what is real, and what is pretend?'
Your mind is tortured.
Ghoulish happenings occur under a full moon
and under that same full moon,
howling is heard in the distance.
Your senses are tingly
as you take in all the spooky.
This evening is fueled by wicked.
ah crap,
now zombies are coming!

header 150x150

Oct 16, 2010

Perfect Image of Beauty

What is the image of beauty?
In all its awesomeness

A bride wearing her perfect dress
Glowing with love,
as she looks at her new husband.

Obvious love,
as they gaze into each others eyes.
Into each other's soul.
Seeing each other for exactly what they are.

On this day, they have joined.
Joined hands,
Joined lips,
Joined hearts.

Joined to live life as one,
promising themselves to one another.

is the perfect image of beauty

Oct 12, 2010

Under the covers

she hides under the covers
while her kids are
getting into trouble.

Children complaining of hungry bellies

This mommy.
is tired.

More tears
more screams
more children complaining of hungry bellies

She grumbles to herself
and throws back the covers
and starts a new day


Oct 6, 2010

If the world was perfect

If the world was perfect,
we would melt into each others
curves at the end of the day

Our love would not end in hurt
and we would be together,
surrounded in bliss

If the world was perfect,
the family dynamic
wouldn't be so complicated

Our love would be easy
Judgement wouldn't be passed,
understanding would surround us

If the world was perfect
oh, if the world was perfect

But the world isn't perfect,
is it?

Sep 26, 2010

How do you want to feel today?

How do you want to feel today? I found this awesome blogger over at Intimate Ramblings. Check her out. Seriously. She had asked the question How do you want to feel today, and answered it with a poem. Which, I obviously loved. So here it goes!

How do you want to feel today?

I want to feel sunshine.
Sunshine and Rainbows
These stormy clouds
which follow me
They are paralyzing my groove
ah my groove, how i miss you.

How I desperately miss you

How I need you back
How I need to get out of the bed in morning

Sunshine and Rainbows.
I want to feel Sunshine and Rainbows.

Sep 22, 2010

Protection against your dreams.

The day has been lived
Life is a rollercoaster
Bedtime, Sweet release

Faith carried you through
Pray, protection against your dreams
Grateful if it works

Life, many trials
Where do you catch a break, Where?
Pray for dreamless sleep

Sep 21, 2010

Like away, my friends.

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Sep 15, 2010

pointy toed stilletos

The crave for renewal is strong
Your spirit needs an uplift
This crooked dark path you've been on
Is confusing
Spiritually draining

The cure?
Retail Therapy

You are a woman after all

What is this you've found?
Pointy Toed Stilletos
The sound of their long zipper
From your ankle to your knee
Does something to your spirit

Reminds you
That you are a sex goddess
Desirable, exciting, hot
Sex goddess

That path you're on?
Is now lit with a disco ball
And leads to fantasticness

Rock it

Sep 9, 2010

the tshirt i love so

The tshirt
You once bought me
And I loved so
Was once proudly in a frame
On the wall
for everyone to see

It is now
Being put in the back
Of my closet.

Where it could be lonely
But won't
Because in the back of my closet
Is where I will put our memories
Good and bad
And our love
Easy and tough

The tshirt I love so
Will be a reminder
of us
and all we had

On the wall in place
Of the tshirt I loved so
Is a new picture.

Signifying the future
And all it has in store for me

I love you
And that too, will be put
In the back of my closet

And while the tshirt I love so
is out of sight
I shall embrace the future
And once in a while
Remember the tshirt
And how much I loved it so.

Sep 8, 2010

the sunset erased all memory of chaos

It is about that time again. Time for a poetry duet with my poetic partner in crime, @runaway_tweets.

She let me choose the line this time as she picked the last one, 'old teacher legs'. I love writing with her and am always excited and honored when she agrees to do it again. <3

Here is hers...

fancy lawyers
first amendment rights
and bad moral character

were nothing, compared to
a twisted bicycle
rain on hot pavement
sending you careening
into a group of children

that child. that mother.

that child.

i had run away
down south
away from you and your needs
silver bells and bare shoulders
country music and truck drivers
nesting on arrival

i sought the ocean
an expanse of pure, unobstructed
for healing

on the ferry, a little boy
not unlike you
demanded every attention
all eyes on the boy
all efforts for the boy
i hated that boy.

the sunset erased all memory of chaos
the adirondack chair cradled my back
the shooting stars absorbed my tears
the wine drowned the noise

for a night. for one night.

in the morning, my obligation
headed north
to care for you

And here is mine!

and confusion
and heartbreak
you can barely catch your breath

nightmares haunt your desperately needed sleep
failure plagues you

you find yourself standing on the edge
needing an escape
so you're ready to jump

when something catches your eye

in the distance
you see it.
it is breathtaking.

in the distance
there's a sunset.
a magical brilliant sunset.

the pinks and purples and oranges swirled
together with the beautiful blue sky gives you hope

the sunset
reminds you
that all things come to an end
everything has a chance for a bright new beginning

the sunset
erased all memory of chaos.


Sep 5, 2010


Broken heart
Crying in bed
Picking up the pieces

Devastated spirit
Pain deep within
Must remember to breathe

Love died
Mourning the loss
Eating chocolate, wearing sweats

Horrible feelings
Empty void within
How do I deal?

Aug 31, 2010

the sadness

The sadness consumes her spirit
Paralyzing her
She lays in bed
And tries to release this powerful sadness
But it's consumed her

Constantly flowing tears
Tears of sadness
Of anger
Of betrayal
Of confusion

This emotional rollercoaster
Has strapped her in
And won't let her off

So she waits.

As she cries, she waits.
For the end of this ride.
Because she knows once its done
The sadness will be just a memory


You spend your days
Craving an escape
From this heartbreak induced hell

You loved him
And he threw you away

So you fight

To get through the day
To deal with this pain
To pick up the pieces

And as you fall into bed
at the end of the day
Your exhausted spirit can finally relax


You survived another day
Maybe tomorrow will bring sunshine

Except sleep, brings dreams
So you spend your nights
Surrounded in nightmares

Nightmares of him
Nightmares of hurt
Nightmares of used up love

The Fighting
And the crying
And your crave for an escape

And when you wake in the morning
Your spirit relaxes
Finally, a break from the nightmares

Time to fight another day

Aug 30, 2010

A broken heart
Holds the hand of a broken spirit
Her companion on this journey

This journey of sadness
and of darkness

A journey filled with tears
and with anger

Anger hot enough to burn through your skin
And tears big enough to drown a puppy

Aug 29, 2010

The Gloom

Similar to the cloudy skies,
outside my window
My heart
feels taken over
by The Gloom.

A familiar feeling by now.

The rain
pouring consistenly from the heavens,
A cruel metaphor
for my tears.

The non stop tears,
always flowing
from my bright blue eyes

Aug 27, 2010


Where does one feel safe?
Embraced by a warm duvet
Away from the world

Surrounded with calm
Sshhh, quietly familiar
Collecting her thoughts

The citrus air is still
Its easier here for her,
Snuggled with herself

The world has been cruel,
Hiding from chaos, needed
Remember to breathe

Aug 23, 2010

the knife

pour the gas
light the match

pedal to the metal
hands off the wheel

I'd do anything to forget

Forget us
Forget you
Forget this deep pain within

the pain caused by you

when you grabbed that knife,
the knife of selfishness,
and you twisted it
deep within my soul?

It changed who I was

And when you walked away from me?
while I was lying in a pool of my blood?
It changed who I thought you were

Fuck you

Aug 21, 2010

and i say to myself - life is good. 2nd time posted.

I wrote this a while ago. I was playing in the backyard with my kids tonight and thought of it. How fitting it is for the moment. The line was suggested by @sharmstro. You can follow her here.

Feeling broken again
Don't understand why I end up here so often
Life was finally supposed to be calm
be secure
be safe
be full of love
And now I'm seeing visions of trainwrecks
and sad soul-less beings
bloody corpses looking for their remains
And then I think of the two beautiful people
sleeping silently in their room
Dirty faces, and never ending mischief
Smiles big enough to light a coal mine
It's these two gorgeous children I live for
They save me.
When my world is dark and lonely and scary
They save me.
So I wipe my tears away
and I say to myself-life is good.
Because of them, life is good.

toxic dew

morning light shines in
awaking your every sense
something leads you outside
and you take in the morning dew

at first you feel giddy
taking in its initial beauty
the happiness and love
you feel for this morning dew
overwhelms you.

what an awesome feeling
euphoria at its best
this morning dew consumes you
and puts you under its spell

slowly you feel dizzy
you contribute it to the beauty
the astounding beauty
of this magical morning dew

before you realize whats happening
you've fallen
the fall has broken everything you're made of
your heart
your spirit
your happiness

the pain takes over

screams are coming out of your soul
without effort

and blood spills out your every pore

it is then,
when its too late,
you understand why.

the dew
that was so attractive
and so magical
and so beautiful
was toxic.

it reeled you in with its beauty
and poisoned you.
it entered your heart,
and had its way with you

and now here you are,
frozen on the ground in pain
surrounded by it
surrounded by toxic dew,
grasping for life.

Aug 20, 2010

Almost Alone

and almost alone
Staring at a fork in the road

There's a storm blowing in
and no sight of protection
No one to save you from harm

Windy skies are blowing debris
As the fork in the road taunts you
Both journeys, filled with difficulty

Weighing the options has left you exhausted
And being you're almost alone
There is no one to catch you as you fall

Aug 19, 2010


a girl
sits in the dark
and reminds herself to breathe

she has
a painful empty feeling
burning deep within her heart

these feelings
are rocking her world
overwhelming and exhausting and horrifying

so here she sits
in the dark
reminding herself to breathe.

Aug 14, 2010

exit plan

trusting has failed you
unforgiving and callous
exhaustion sets in

"get me outta here"
lying representation
does not blissful make

lack of trust and faith
fueled by an fearful anger
need an exit plan


Coldness swirls around you
Images of Rainbows and Glitter
have transformed
into Bloody Corpses taunting you with their fear
Which reality will you give into?

Aug 5, 2010

old teacher legs

Its time for another poetry duet!! This one is also written by @runaway_tweets and myself!! You can read our first poetry duet here. She suggested the line this time, and it was a tricky one!!!

Here is the poem she wrote.


i still see her
my old teacher, legs bare
gauze skirt and clogs
a braid down her back

at the blackboard, tan arm raised
diagramming sentences
in her loopy script

i know the parts of speech
i make a fancy e
i write

when she arrived on my street
on the neighbor's motorcycle
tan arms
around his teenage chest

i closed my eyes
and turned away

and here is mine.


The babbling brook joins the trickling river
and the clouds float by with harmony
while wind rustles through the trees

Golden yellow dandelions
invade the lush greenery of your favorite field
while their musky scent swirls around you

The long branches of the Kentucky Coffee Tree
create dancing shadows under the hot sun
Reminding you of old teacher legs

Floating about you are thick billowy clouds
and as they release their refreshing moisture,
your favorite field is brightened with rainbows

Aug 4, 2010

No-Go Blogher!

When did you start blogging?
I started my poetry blog a few months ago. maybe 6?

Why did you start blogging?
I was posting my poetry on my other blog, The Antics of Miss Lizzy, and decided to start a blog dedicated to poetry. Poetry has helped me through a lot of hard times, and it is something I love to write. I had this blog for a couple months before starting my beloved #poetryproject. For those of you who are new to it, my #poetryproject is this- if you want to write a poem, you let me know, and I send you a line to write with!, and if you want me to write, you send me the line! I love sharing poetry with everyone, and seeing the feeling and emotion that comes out of a simple line. I have recently done my first poetry duet, we both wrote a poem using the same line! It was awesome to see how different the two poems were!

What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?
hangin with my kids, celebrating my moms bday with her, and hopefully doing some sewing.

Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite. (share the link in YOUR post so we all can see)

Hmm. I have a lot of poems that I love. I'll post a few of my favs for you. For those of you want to participate in my #poetryproject just lemme know! I'm on twitter, and facebook!


I wrote a Fathers Day series and this was the first one.


The revolution is over but it was only in my head ( my first poetry project post)


Jul 30, 2010

the baby shoes that were never worn.

Suggested by my friend, (and first person to participate in my #poetryproject) @CR4CK5T4R. The first poem he wrote for me was awesome! and can be found here. I highly suggest you check it out. The poem I wrote with his first suggestion, 'The revolution is over, but it was only in my head', can be found here. ..and here we go..

The rain has slowed to a drizzle
you notice through the car window.
Your heart feels empty
as he pulls out of the parking lot.
Your body aches
with pain
with sadness
with heartache.
The drive home seems to take forever
but not long enough.
The grief makes you dizzy,
you notice as he helps you inside.
Visions of staying in your warm, dark bed,
for the rest of time
are haunting your desires.
So you walk past That Door,
and attempt the fight that has you longing to go in,
while you shiver from the coldness
that comes from the room behind it.
Tears flow down your face,
as you give in to That Door
and enter the room.
The walls are pink
and the heartache is terrible.
This room used to be a happy place.
Full of excitement and visions of love.
On the handmade shelf,
are the baby shoes that were never worn.
Your precious little angel
returned to heaven before
giving you the chance to wrap her in your arms.
Dreams are all they are now,
those visions of love,
for they will never be a reality.
Your head is throbbing with misery,
you notice as he picks you up off the floor,
and shuts That Door behind you.

Jul 27, 2010

The orange sky showed signs of emotional turmoil.

#poetryproject time!! This is from my friend, CR4CK5T4R. I love his poetry. LOVE IT. I get excited every time he tells me to send him a line. Enjoy!

The orange sky showed signs of emotional turmoil
A crowd of people and the blood will boil
A mushroom cloud and the fate is sealed
Is there a god and a plan revealed

A race so little, beautiful and insignificant
This species destroys to protect and becomes redundant
Well those who cry for equality of the masses
Finally accomplished with the human race ashes

The last day on earth or possibly not so
Earth still standing only humans where to go
In the name of God, Queen or Country or Home Soil
The bombs are dropped in the name of Crude Oil

So Google your existence or Facebook your demise
To be with your loved ones and Tweet your goodbyes
The extinction of humanity via SMS Text
The end of us, it's our own fault, Earth shouts, "Next."

Jul 25, 2010

The cherry blossoms grew with pride

My twitter girly, @runaway_tweets, and I are writing a poem with the same line! This is the first time I've shared a line with someone and I'm excited to see how it'll turn out!

Here is hers.. (which, by the way, I LOVE)

Cherry Blossoms

I drove in the dark

You and your friends

Up the escalator summit

Coming out in the bright morning sun

The day the cherry blossoms grow with pride

Pride evident everywhere


Throngs of happy people


Signs bearing witness

“I’m a lesbian too”

“I love my gay son”

And when we reached “God hates fags”

You said, kiss me

Kiss me.

And here is mine..

The sun rises on a new day
Peace is felt throughout
The beauty is astounding
and the elegance takes your breath away
You have been waiting for this moment,
for their grace,
their delicate charm,
their polished artistry.
The cherry blossoms grew with pride
Unaware of all they represented
The arrival of Spring
A glorious new day has arrived.
An untouched journey begins

If any of you would like to participate in my #poetryproject, (and I would love if you did!) let me know! For those of you who are new to it, if you'd like to write a poem, I'll send you a line to write with! or you can suggest a line for me to write a poem with! Or we can share a line! You can twitter me, or facebook me, or email me at! Join in on the fun!

Jul 15, 2010

Who I am

I am a mommy
I give never ending hugs and kisses
and my clothes are constantly dirty
My sanity is gone
and my love is free

I am a poet
I find inspiration in everything
and my mind is always creating
My words are my therapy
and my thoughts are free

I am a woman
I show kindness to all
and my heart has been broken
My independence is important
and my touch is free

I am one of a pair
I feel never ending fondness for my other half
and attraction to match
I am a lover and a friend
and my passion is free

I am a living soul
I breathe imagination
and show sensitivity to all
I am beautifully spectacular
and my emotion is free

Jul 14, 2010

A day in poetry

As I was laying in bed this morning, I thought it'd be cool to narrate the day with poetry. Haiku's and Cinquain's and what not. I really have no idea how this is going to turn out! Enjoy! xoxo

Snuggly stretches
Coffee flavored sunshine
A fresh start begins

Time for breakfast
the kiddo's are hungry
and mommy's still tired
so bring on the coffee

The kids are loud
and the coffee is hot
and the baby's face
is covered in snot

Clean up the mess
Feed the kids
Cut up bananas
find cups with lids

Dishes and laundry
are calling your name
Doing all that on your day off
seems lame

Plug in a movie
for those babies of yours
Sit at the computer
and ignore all the chores

Waste a bunch of time
twittering away
In all honesty
that happens everyday

Naptime for baby
Time for mommy to relax
Find extra patience

Giggles and gossip
Younger version of myself
Her love doesn't judge
Big Sis and Lil Sis, best friends
Matching tattoos say it all

Dear weight I have gained since quitting smoking
I deeply hate you and wish you'd disappear
Your presence on my body angers me

Long day of awaiting your return
Obvious affection in our smiles
Vibrantly attracted to you
Elated to be in your arms

Singing Angels
Jammies and Stories
Happy enough to sing

the day has been done
and love has been shared
hugs given
and laughter for all
blessings are counted
as there was a time
where not all was so swell
times were harder
and laughter spare
blissful to enjoy
better days

Golden Excellence
Foam is bad
Feels good going down

Moonlight is shining
Magnificent in beauty
Goodnight my sweet world

Jul 12, 2010

your mom

this poetic gem was suggested by @AllieGresham. She put a lot of thought into it. (xoxo)

a young woman
looks in the mirror
and doesn't understand
how she got here
In the background
is a baby crying
and as the young mom
stares at herself
trying to figure out
what her next move is
she too, starts crying
'I miss her'
she thinks out loud
'she would be here
helping me,
instead i'm alone'
she leaves the mirror
and goes to her newborn
and whispers in her ear
"my mom is not here,
but your mom is"

Jul 8, 2010

Poetry Bloghop!!

When I stumbled upon this poetry bloghop, I was so freakin excited! New chance for poetry!! yay! For those of you who follow my blog, you know I love me some poetry! (and for those of you don't follow my blog, shame on you)

I hope you enjoy!
(after you're done following my blog, you can follow me on twitter @LizzyDanger)

I am from laundry soap
from milk and honey
I am from the love
that sweetens all who are around it
I am from the daisies
The beautifully cheery tulips
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from prayer and hugs
from my mother and my grandmother
I’m from fireworks and Sunday breakfast
and from snuggles in bed.
I’m from use your manners and goodnight, I love you
and Families are Together Forever
I’m from weekend barbeque's in the park

I’m proudly from a place where hockey is a religion and from the land of Oktoberfest
Banana chocolate chip pancakes and carrot dish
From the time my sister hung off my shirt for 'fun'
and I threw her,
into the closet door, slicing her head open
to the collection of music my father took from my room
during the days before we left him

In a box, in the back of my closet
are the things I keep closely to my heart
pictures of newborns, teenage reminders, a collection of fashion inspiration
books to be read, and books that are cherished
journals from an angrier version of myself
I am from those moments
satisfying memories, and imperfect memories
have shaped my individuality
They are where I am from

Love (2nd time posted)

Today is my man's birthday!! I wrote this a few months ago but decided to repost it for the occasion!!

It's the end of the day
and we're wrapped up in each other
Everything is dark and silent
while we breath the same air
This dizzy cloud of bliss
has been longed for
All the hardships of today were worth it,
for this moment.
I'd be content to stay here forever
to ignore all other elements
of our busy hectic lives
Fascination, admiration, exhilaration,
a sense of euphoria is what you do to me
This is what I've been waiting for
what I've wanted,
what I've needed

Jul 7, 2010

a boy and a girl.

a boy and a girl
want it to work
but don't know how
so they go their separate ways
to see what happens
hands them difficulties
continuously unites them
increasing their confusion
of do, or don't
of stay, or run
and as time goes on
and thoughts are thought
the boy and the girl
the never ending attraction
that continuously unites them
so they make a deal
to do life
and love
and take one day at a time
and see what happens

Jul 3, 2010

and she smiled as the tears flowed

Suggested by @canyonwalker

the stars are shining
and the moon is out
the last few moments
have been used for reflection
she lays in the middle of a field
hidden by tall grass
and from the rest of civilization
wondering what the next step will be
she smiles as the tears flow
of course she'll conquer
that's what she does

Jun 28, 2010

Letters to a younger Lizzy

I've been reading a couple versions of "letters to myself" on the various blogs i read.. and I really like them! Thought I'd give it a shot!

Letters to a younger Lizzy

Dear 6 yr old me,
I know you're scared, but it'll get better. I promise. Not for a while, but it will. So for now take care of your sisters, they'll need you to distract them. Stay strong missy

Dear 13 yr old me,
I know you feel uncomfortable at home. You only have a couple years left. She will leave him. I know you're angry with her for broken promises, but one day you will understand how scary of a situation it is for her too. Don't be too hard on her. She will leave him. It's going to get real bad for the next couple years, so when your aunt moves back home in the next couple months, hang out with her as much as you can. And your grandparents will take you in whenever you need a safe zone. Your gramma will forever have your back. Remember this, you will need this info repeatedly over the next decade.

Dear 15 yr old me,
It's time to breathe. You're going to be angry for a long while, and that's ok. You're allowed to have emotions about everything now. Be as angry as you need to be, but remember your gramma has your back. You can say anything to her, and she understands you. Same with your aunt. Talk it out, because if you don't you will lose your shit. in the worst way possible. And dude, lay off the boys. They are all bad news, and only want one thing from you. You will get hurt if you keep acting the way you are around them.

Dear 16 yr old me,
You are not alone. I know you feel you are, but you are not. Try to not be so angry with her. I realize she broke her promise to you girls of "no men, just us girls for a while" but he is a good man. A very good man. Give him a chance. He will change your life for the better and you will be grateful. And once again, lay off the dudes. and do you have to party so much? You will regret some of these choices you're making when you're older. So tone it down.

Dear 17yr old me,
He is going to hurt you. I realize there is a bigger purpose for this one to be in your life. but he is going to hurt you. So prepare yourself. You are going to learn a lot about yourself and about life, and about love (or what isn't) during your relationship with him. And you are going to end up a single mom. I know you promised yourself this would never happen to you, but it will. In the hardest way possible. So be prepared.

Dear 20yr old me,
Breathe. You feel scared, and angry, and weak, and you want to give up, except you have this beautiful baby to take care of. and even tho he cries, and eats constantly, and sucks all your energy, you know you have to do this for him. Breathe woman. You can do this. Even tho you don't feel like it right now, you are one strong bitch, and you are not going to let some lying selfish douchebag win. You are a fighter. But on the morning of your 21st bday, when you are exhausted and need some sleep, do not call him to come over, you will regret that fight for the rest of your life. Call your mother for help instead. She does care even if she acts like she doesn't. For real.

Dear 23 yr old me,
This horrible pregnancy is almost over. You are amazing. Being pregnant single mom was a bitch, and as much as you want this damn baby out of you, try to enjoy being pregnant. Because it's not going to happen again, and it will make you sad that you never enjoyed it. Once that daughter of yours is born, you are going to have her father around a bunch and life is going to get interesting. Did I not tell you a decade ago to lay off the boys? Geez woman. It will be hard, but the two of you will figure it out, and it will transform itself into a very good thing. I promise. He will understand you and let you be your crazy self, and love you for it. He will make you laugh when you feel like the world is ending. So just breathe. You will not be single mommy of two for long. It will be ok. Life gets happy soon. You deserve it. So calm the eff down and enjoy being pregnant. I'm very proud of you.

Dear 25 yr old me,
You deserve this happiness so quit being worried it's going to go away. You've fought enough and deserve some good, so calm down and enjoy this. Stop worrying. You'll get wrinkles.


Jun 27, 2010

i have to commit

suggested by @runaway_tweets

dress is tight
boots are zipped
drink in hand
lets find trouble
he's right there
looking your way
visions of nudity
and champagne bubbles

hot wax
and handcuffs
ripped fishnet
and more
are encouraging
your move
to him
then to the dance floor

bodies entwined
grind to the beat
'i want you
all over me'
he whispers
in your ear
hearts pounding
yet you feel free

nights over
time to go
the excitement
is overwhelming
as he pulls you
into his cab
i have to commit
to him this evening

Jun 23, 2010

wrapped in a midnight blue blanket

suggested by my twitter girly @canyonwalker.

nothing on tv tonight
mindless chatter
haunted by the ticking
of the clock
you want to look, but don't
he's out somewhere
and you're not with him
you're wrapped in a midnight blue blanket
crying on the couch
wishing this wasn't your life
wishing you had a way out
wishing there was more liquor
wishing for anything
but this

it hurts to think

Suggested by @CAMHOAPAMM.

this situation makes me twitch
anger makes the world spin
fists are ready to go
it hurts to think
so i wont
react on impulse
act with rage
Animosity runs through my veins
and you're my victim
so run for your life
fury is my fuel
i will get you

Jun 21, 2010

Until you looked me in the eyes

Wrote this bad boy in high school too. It's fun going through my old stuff. Enjoy! I remember being really proud of this one when it was finished. It's very high school.

Until you looked me in the eyes

I was crying on the grass
The morning I met you
I remember the moment perfectly
Sitting the in the morning dew

I felt like I was so alone
Until you looked me in the eyes
I felt the sparks go through me
I knew you were only mine

No one else could have you
'Cuz I fell in love right then
I know you think that's impossible
Because we were only seven

The next years went quickly
You became my very best friend
Through the bad time and the good
We saw each other to the end

Something unexpected happens
When you look me in the eyes
This time you kissed me
And caught me by surprise

We pretended it didn't happen
I didn't know what to say
You thought I was mad
So you went your own way

I missed you like crazy
Cried every single night
It was then I realized
I fell in love at first sight

I didn't want to believe
You loved someone else
I couldn't handle life without you
I was so depressed

Everyday added to the pain
Finally I lost all control
You heard about it from a friend
And told me we're still one soul

I was crying on the grass
Once again, saved by you
I remember the moment perfectly
There, in the early morning dew

I feel like I'm so alone
Until you look me in the eyes
I feel the sparks go through me
I know you're only mine

No one else can have you
We fell in love right then
You know now, thats possible
That's why we kissed again

Poems are like cars

Found my book of writing from high school! Holy bananas! Here's one of em!

are like
always speeding,
leaving you behind
in the dust,
dashing ahead
of you
letting you be
taking you
to wonderful new

Jun 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to those that deserve it!! I wanna take a minute and thank all that read my Fathers Day series on here. Those poems were hard. and liberating. and thank you! I love and appreciate my readers more than you know! xoxo!

Now onto the good stuff!

I know a man
who's existence is honorable
He mirrors patience
and love
and understanding
He is kind
and supportive
and easy to be with
He accepts you
for who you are you
your faults
your achievements
your everything
He doesn't judge
and he loves unconditionally
He has taught me how a man
should love a woman
and what real love is
He has taught me
what being a parent is
He is a great man
One of the best
His patience
and love
and understanding
transformed me
from the angry teenage girl
I was
to the woman
I now am
Gratitude is by far,
an understatement
for this man
who's existence is honorable

(you know who you are, I love you!, Liz)

Jun 17, 2010

Mischief at its best

This one was inspired by my crazy beautiful daughter. Bless her trouble making, love giving heart.

'I'm bored' thinks the toddler
What can I do?
Mommy is busy cleaning again
and I can feel
mischievousness setting in
Do I play with my toys?
Or should I bug my brother?
Where is the little kitty hiding?
because I really really love her
There's the fridge to get into
I can always find something in there
Oh no, my nose is running
Better wipe it on my bro's teddy bear
The guinea pigs are squeaking
so I run as fast as possible to say hi
I throw their food around the room and
If Mommy asks me about it I'll just lie
Oh snap! She found me!
I didn't hear her coming!
She asks who made the mess
I tell her 'I don't know' and laugh 'cuz I'm funny
Mommy asks me to be a good girl
so she can go back to cleaning
I say 'ok mommy' and give her a smile
Then get into her make up
oops! just broke her nail file...

Jun 16, 2010

Fathers Day pt 3

I hear him talking
but I don't understand
The baby kicks
making this confusing fog heavy
too heavy
The world is spinning and
I hear him talking
but I don't understand
He's leaving me
He's leaving me?
for her?
but the baby's kicking
our baby is kicking
His baby that is in my uterus
is kicking
Have the last four years meant nothing?
I thought we were in love
I gasp for air
hoping that helps the confusion
the confusion
has created a haze around me so
I can hear him talking
but I don't understand
We're having a baby
and he's moving out?
He's moving in with her?
but we've spent 4 years together!
and we're having a baby!
We're making our family!
Someone is screaming
"I hate you, I hate you"
over and over and
when I realize it's me
I give in to the pain
and collapse
the baby is still kicking
our baby is still kicking?
My baby is still kicking
so as i sob uncontrollably
I hold my 8 month pregnant belly
and somehow calm him down
so I can let the denial I've been living in

Father Day pt 2

This one is about my sons father. I figure get the hard ones out first, and then we can move on to happiness. Enjoy! xoxo

its 4 am and you're still alone
laying in bed
as far away from sleep as possible
how could he do this to you?
anxiety pulses through your veins
anger flows through your heart
and confusion paralyzes you
you love him
and you thought he loved you
but here you lie alone
carrying his child
while he's out with her
you wonder what his excuse will be this time
what dirty lie will come out his mouth
the mouth you have kissed
and loved
he belongs to you
and he's out with her
the confusion hurts your body
you hold your breathe and wait
wait for the pain to pass
you are startled by a sound
and you realize you're sobbing
your unborn child kicks
and your heart hurts
this isn't how it's supposed to be
you had visions of family
and joy
and love
confusion and hurt and agony
weren't any part of your plan
and here they are,
in control of you
baby moves inside your womb again
as if to give you the love you need
but how do you love right now?
how do you give your precious creation
the love he deserves
how do you survive this?

Jun 11, 2010

Fathers Day pt 1

In the spirit of the upcoming Fathers Day, I have decided to write poems all week about my experiences with the dads in my life. There are a few of them, so I should get a few poems out of it. Warning. It's gonna get personal. and deep.
Enjoy. xoxo

a young girl
hides in her room
and hugs her teddy bear
he's yelling again
and throwing things
and threatening
so she hides under the blankets
and closes her eyes
and sleeps til he's done

she's older now
still frightened, but now a little angry
tired of walking on eggshells
her feet are cut up and bleeding
and she wants a break
from the yelling
and the violence
and the threatening
so she sits in her closet
and closes her eyes
and cries til its done

a teenage girl
full of fear and anger
doesn't know what love is
covered in blood from the eggshells
she needs a break
from the yelling
and the violence
and the threatening
so she lies about where she is
and she ignores the war
and parties away the pain

a young woman
hates who she is
found someone just like him
to fall in love with
maybe she deserves it
all the yelling
and the violence
and the threatening
so she turns to partying
to help with the pain
and ends up pregnant

a single mom
alone, betrayed, hurt
she is confused and scared
and wants to die
she can barely take care of herself
let alone her new baby
but she holds him close to her
and promises
No yelling
No violence
No threatening
I love you and I will keep you safe.

(to be continued)

Jun 10, 2010

i am hot and sticky

Suggested by my sister! If you're into photography, you can check out her website here. If you're on facebook, you can like her page here. Have I pimped her out enough? yes? ok! on with poetry!!

warning- this one gets a little dirty. (i've been drinking. and let's face it, I'm female.) if you are young, you probably shouldn't be reading this. turn away young one! turn away!!

ok, now on with it!

Passion is pulsing
I need you
Touch me
Erotica intended
Need me
Humidity rising
Sensual contact
You want me
Impulse takes over
Intense pleasure
Our bodies in sync
Tell me what you want
I am hot
I am sticky
and I am yours
Control me

Jun 8, 2010

if I ruled the world.

This was suggested by my twitter girly @andygirl. The poem she previously wrote for my poetry project can be found here. You can follow her on twitter here. If you are on facebook, you should 'like' her page. because it's good. If you haven't figured out yet that she is the bomb, I will just tell you. She is the bomb.

if i ruled the world
being free spirited would come naturally
judgement would be non existent
and everyone would love each other
if i ruled the world
heartbreak wouldn't exist
love wouldn't be painful
and no one would lie
if i ruled the world
creativity would reign
joy would be constant
and peace would be felt daily
if i ruled the world
sadness would be unavailable
depression impossible
and loneliness void
if i ruled the world
positivity would influence all
happiness conquers
and dreams are acheived
What a good place this would be,
if i ruled the world.

love is over. move is over, life begins

Suggested by @meredithblumoff. She has had a rough few weeks. Send her some love here.

The sun shines in
on a room
full of boxes and dust
you're tired
but there is work to do
Your heart is broken
and your house is in shambles
and you want a break
from all of this
but there isn't enough time
Moving day arrives faster
with each tick of the tock
and your heart should be healing
but it feels like it's not
Before you know it,
your possessions are in boxes
in the back of the truck
Driving across the country
leaves you too much time to think
of memories, and past love,
This drive is an emotional one
Leaving the old is scary
but starting over is liberating
Before you know it you've arrived
It takes a few days
to get it all in order,
and when you catch a second to think
you realize
Love is over
Move is over
Life begins

Jun 7, 2010

he'd be a free man today

Suggested by @runaway_tweets! You can follow her here!

Thunder rolls outside
perhaps my pounding headache?
side affect of emotional build up I'm sure
Rain cascades down
or are those my tears?
Sadness leads to the confusion
I'm feeling
so much to be said
and no one to say it to
ashamed of decisions
in my past
I suppose Hell has an open seat
for me
and if I'm lucky
a bucket of popcorn
he'd be a free man today
the best man I've known
would have been free today
If it weren't for my selfishness
and my fear
What a nightmare this has been
He wasn't innocent either
he was the best man I've known
admitting his sins
and taking the blame for mine.
People have suffered
and now
regret surrounds all I do
he'd be a free man today
but instead I'm alone