Mar 16, 2010

Mar 14, 2010


"I need to write a poem"
says the aspiring writer
As she sits in front of an empty screen
questioning what to write about
Should she write something dark
inspired by depression and abuse?
Concepts of an era full of jaded pain
or feelings motivated of anger and confusion
Or should she write something perky?
Expressions of love, and sunshine and rainbows
of better times,
of happiness
Her mind is full of words,
of inspiration,
of thoughts
to transform into written art
Thoughts that flow across the page
The decision leaves her screen blank
as she considers what is wanted
What will she settle upon?

Mar 4, 2010

Haiku #2!!

Ready for the day
Preparing for my future
Starts with a shower

Mar 1, 2010


10 years ago today, my mom left my dad. In remembrance of that day, here is a poem I wrote when I was 14, while they were fighting in the next room.


I can't remember
what happiness feels like
The simplest things aren't enough
for a smile
I need to find an answer
to cure this pain and help me
the crazy feeling titled Happiness
It's confusing
how I think, how I feel
Never knowing when I'll finally
When all my feelings, my thoughts
my inner being
will painfully slip away
What is happiness?
Always pretending
Why can't I feel it?
Instead I long for the moment
I lay in the dark
Sobbing, painfully waiting
to fall asleep
Hopeful of never waking

If I could escape this confusion
I'd know what happiness is