Jul 30, 2010

the baby shoes that were never worn.

Suggested by my friend, (and first person to participate in my #poetryproject) @CR4CK5T4R. The first poem he wrote for me was awesome! and can be found here. I highly suggest you check it out. The poem I wrote with his first suggestion, 'The revolution is over, but it was only in my head', can be found here. ..and here we go..

The rain has slowed to a drizzle
you notice through the car window.
Your heart feels empty
as he pulls out of the parking lot.
Your body aches
with pain
with sadness
with heartache.
The drive home seems to take forever
but not long enough.
The grief makes you dizzy,
you notice as he helps you inside.
Visions of staying in your warm, dark bed,
for the rest of time
are haunting your desires.
So you walk past That Door,
and attempt the fight that has you longing to go in,
while you shiver from the coldness
that comes from the room behind it.
Tears flow down your face,
as you give in to That Door
and enter the room.
The walls are pink
and the heartache is terrible.
This room used to be a happy place.
Full of excitement and visions of love.
On the handmade shelf,
are the baby shoes that were never worn.
Your precious little angel
returned to heaven before
giving you the chance to wrap her in your arms.
Dreams are all they are now,
those visions of love,
for they will never be a reality.
Your head is throbbing with misery,
you notice as he picks you up off the floor,
and shuts That Door behind you.

Jul 27, 2010

The orange sky showed signs of emotional turmoil.

#poetryproject time!! This is from my friend, CR4CK5T4R. I love his poetry. LOVE IT. I get excited every time he tells me to send him a line. Enjoy!

The orange sky showed signs of emotional turmoil
A crowd of people and the blood will boil
A mushroom cloud and the fate is sealed
Is there a god and a plan revealed

A race so little, beautiful and insignificant
This species destroys to protect and becomes redundant
Well those who cry for equality of the masses
Finally accomplished with the human race ashes

The last day on earth or possibly not so
Earth still standing only humans where to go
In the name of God, Queen or Country or Home Soil
The bombs are dropped in the name of Crude Oil

So Google your existence or Facebook your demise
To be with your loved ones and Tweet your goodbyes
The extinction of humanity via SMS Text
The end of us, it's our own fault, Earth shouts, "Next."

Jul 25, 2010

The cherry blossoms grew with pride

My twitter girly, @runaway_tweets, and I are writing a poem with the same line! This is the first time I've shared a line with someone and I'm excited to see how it'll turn out!

Here is hers.. (which, by the way, I LOVE)

Cherry Blossoms

I drove in the dark

You and your friends

Up the escalator summit

Coming out in the bright morning sun

The day the cherry blossoms grow with pride

Pride evident everywhere


Throngs of happy people


Signs bearing witness

“I’m a lesbian too”

“I love my gay son”

And when we reached “God hates fags”

You said, kiss me

Kiss me.

And here is mine..

The sun rises on a new day
Peace is felt throughout
The beauty is astounding
and the elegance takes your breath away
You have been waiting for this moment,
for their grace,
their delicate charm,
their polished artistry.
The cherry blossoms grew with pride
Unaware of all they represented
The arrival of Spring
A glorious new day has arrived.
An untouched journey begins

If any of you would like to participate in my #poetryproject, (and I would love if you did!) let me know! For those of you who are new to it, if you'd like to write a poem, I'll send you a line to write with! or you can suggest a line for me to write a poem with! Or we can share a line! You can twitter me, or facebook me, or email me at! Join in on the fun!

Jul 15, 2010

Who I am

I am a mommy
I give never ending hugs and kisses
and my clothes are constantly dirty
My sanity is gone
and my love is free

I am a poet
I find inspiration in everything
and my mind is always creating
My words are my therapy
and my thoughts are free

I am a woman
I show kindness to all
and my heart has been broken
My independence is important
and my touch is free

I am one of a pair
I feel never ending fondness for my other half
and attraction to match
I am a lover and a friend
and my passion is free

I am a living soul
I breathe imagination
and show sensitivity to all
I am beautifully spectacular
and my emotion is free

Jul 14, 2010

A day in poetry

As I was laying in bed this morning, I thought it'd be cool to narrate the day with poetry. Haiku's and Cinquain's and what not. I really have no idea how this is going to turn out! Enjoy! xoxo

Snuggly stretches
Coffee flavored sunshine
A fresh start begins

Time for breakfast
the kiddo's are hungry
and mommy's still tired
so bring on the coffee

The kids are loud
and the coffee is hot
and the baby's face
is covered in snot

Clean up the mess
Feed the kids
Cut up bananas
find cups with lids

Dishes and laundry
are calling your name
Doing all that on your day off
seems lame

Plug in a movie
for those babies of yours
Sit at the computer
and ignore all the chores

Waste a bunch of time
twittering away
In all honesty
that happens everyday

Naptime for baby
Time for mommy to relax
Find extra patience

Giggles and gossip
Younger version of myself
Her love doesn't judge
Big Sis and Lil Sis, best friends
Matching tattoos say it all

Dear weight I have gained since quitting smoking
I deeply hate you and wish you'd disappear
Your presence on my body angers me

Long day of awaiting your return
Obvious affection in our smiles
Vibrantly attracted to you
Elated to be in your arms

Singing Angels
Jammies and Stories
Happy enough to sing

the day has been done
and love has been shared
hugs given
and laughter for all
blessings are counted
as there was a time
where not all was so swell
times were harder
and laughter spare
blissful to enjoy
better days

Golden Excellence
Foam is bad
Feels good going down

Moonlight is shining
Magnificent in beauty
Goodnight my sweet world

Jul 12, 2010

your mom

this poetic gem was suggested by @AllieGresham. She put a lot of thought into it. (xoxo)

a young woman
looks in the mirror
and doesn't understand
how she got here
In the background
is a baby crying
and as the young mom
stares at herself
trying to figure out
what her next move is
she too, starts crying
'I miss her'
she thinks out loud
'she would be here
helping me,
instead i'm alone'
she leaves the mirror
and goes to her newborn
and whispers in her ear
"my mom is not here,
but your mom is"

Jul 8, 2010

Poetry Bloghop!!

When I stumbled upon this poetry bloghop, I was so freakin excited! New chance for poetry!! yay! For those of you who follow my blog, you know I love me some poetry! (and for those of you don't follow my blog, shame on you)

I hope you enjoy!
(after you're done following my blog, you can follow me on twitter @LizzyDanger)

I am from laundry soap
from milk and honey
I am from the love
that sweetens all who are around it
I am from the daisies
The beautifully cheery tulips
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from prayer and hugs
from my mother and my grandmother
I’m from fireworks and Sunday breakfast
and from snuggles in bed.
I’m from use your manners and goodnight, I love you
and Families are Together Forever
I’m from weekend barbeque's in the park

I’m proudly from a place where hockey is a religion and from the land of Oktoberfest
Banana chocolate chip pancakes and carrot dish
From the time my sister hung off my shirt for 'fun'
and I threw her,
into the closet door, slicing her head open
to the collection of music my father took from my room
during the days before we left him

In a box, in the back of my closet
are the things I keep closely to my heart
pictures of newborns, teenage reminders, a collection of fashion inspiration
books to be read, and books that are cherished
journals from an angrier version of myself
I am from those moments
satisfying memories, and imperfect memories
have shaped my individuality
They are where I am from

Love (2nd time posted)

Today is my man's birthday!! I wrote this a few months ago but decided to repost it for the occasion!!

It's the end of the day
and we're wrapped up in each other
Everything is dark and silent
while we breath the same air
This dizzy cloud of bliss
has been longed for
All the hardships of today were worth it,
for this moment.
I'd be content to stay here forever
to ignore all other elements
of our busy hectic lives
Fascination, admiration, exhilaration,
a sense of euphoria is what you do to me
This is what I've been waiting for
what I've wanted,
what I've needed

Jul 7, 2010

a boy and a girl.

a boy and a girl
want it to work
but don't know how
so they go their separate ways
to see what happens
hands them difficulties
continuously unites them
increasing their confusion
of do, or don't
of stay, or run
and as time goes on
and thoughts are thought
the boy and the girl
the never ending attraction
that continuously unites them
so they make a deal
to do life
and love
and take one day at a time
and see what happens

Jul 3, 2010

and she smiled as the tears flowed

Suggested by @canyonwalker

the stars are shining
and the moon is out
the last few moments
have been used for reflection
she lays in the middle of a field
hidden by tall grass
and from the rest of civilization
wondering what the next step will be
she smiles as the tears flow
of course she'll conquer
that's what she does