Apr 16, 2011


Guest writer!!! This one comes from my twitter buddy @jgquinton

It was in early October
I remember a hint of cold breaching my jacket
Just enough to provoke a shiver. 
The doctor said 6 months...
I think 6 weeks would be optimistic. 
All the things that we built
All the things that will be lost
All for each other
All lost with me.
I stepped over the rail and kicked my shoes to the river below
The icy metal stinging my feet.
I always thought I would believe in God in the end.
He didn't come, I still didn't ask. 
The wind picked up.
I didn't notice. 
A soft voice in my ear, just a whisper.
It took all my will to step away. 
Crawl back over the rail.
I thought of you, and me, and life.
and for a split second I thought of the approaching headlights...
the metal crushing my body wasn't a thought at all.
People would never know the real reason 
...why my shoes float down the river.

Apr 10, 2011


Hearts are racing
Blood is pulsing
Tonight will be the night

Hands are holding
Mouths are kissing
In this moment, it feels right

Clothes are falling
Bodies entwining
Just you and him, no light

Its happening
This is it
You'll never be the same

You are now a competitor,
a pawn, a soldier
in this love game