Oct 25, 2010

we can just walk around all day

Poetry Project time!! Its been a while!! The lovely Marian from @Runaway_tweets obviously suggested the line for me. I suggested one for her too, so keep an eye out for it!

Her perfect red hair
highlighted with purple streaks,
shimmers in the sun
making my spirit glow
Her nose, decorated with a diamond
and her skin, decorated with ink
is familiar
Full of life
Full of love
She is my very best friend
My partner in crime
My soulmate
We can just walk around all day
in silence,
and know what the feeling of the moment is,
the thought of the moment.
My soulmate.
With her shimmering red hair, and decorated skin
She is beautiful
and full of love.

*update. Here is the poem she wrote with my line!! Give her some love!~

Hallow's Eve

The Boogey Monster is on the lookout
for young ones to taunt.
Cackling is heard in the distance,
reminding you of nightmares you had as a child
of Witches and Evil.
You see a Cauldron in a dark corner of your favorite park
and chills run up your spine.
This evening is frightful,
the most frightful of all.
As ghosts and goblins surround you,
you wonder 'what is real, and what is pretend?'
Your mind is tortured.
Ghoulish happenings occur under a full moon
and under that same full moon,
howling is heard in the distance.
Your senses are tingly
as you take in all the spooky.
This evening is fueled by wicked.
ah crap,
now zombies are coming!

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Oct 16, 2010

Perfect Image of Beauty

What is the image of beauty?
In all its awesomeness

A bride wearing her perfect dress
Glowing with love,
as she looks at her new husband.

Obvious love,
as they gaze into each others eyes.
Into each other's soul.
Seeing each other for exactly what they are.

On this day, they have joined.
Joined hands,
Joined lips,
Joined hearts.

Joined to live life as one,
promising themselves to one another.

is the perfect image of beauty

Oct 12, 2010

Under the covers

she hides under the covers
while her kids are
getting into trouble.

Children complaining of hungry bellies

This mommy.
is tired.

More tears
more screams
more children complaining of hungry bellies

She grumbles to herself
and throws back the covers
and starts a new day


Oct 6, 2010

If the world was perfect

If the world was perfect,
we would melt into each others
curves at the end of the day

Our love would not end in hurt
and we would be together,
surrounded in bliss

If the world was perfect,
the family dynamic
wouldn't be so complicated

Our love would be easy
Judgement wouldn't be passed,
understanding would surround us

If the world was perfect
oh, if the world was perfect

But the world isn't perfect,
is it?