Nov 27, 2012

but sure.

she sits in the dark,
at the end of the day.
Tea in hand,
her favorite song playing.
and she is proud.
Another day survived.
Her fire is returning.
slow, but sure.
Slow, but sure.

Nov 26, 2012

the spark

there was once a spark.
in it's place, a hole.
she can't recognize
who she is now.
or where the spark went.
pieces of her broken heart,
salty tears.
anxiety filled panic
fill its space.
a crave to be herself.
a heavy sigh.
tears roll down her face.
words spoken,
weight lifted.
she will find that spark.
one day
she will find it.

sad metaphor

a toy
in despair.
a sad metaphor
for a sad truth.
a girl,
thrown away,
reeled back in,
played with.
a toy.
alone in a dark corner.

Apr 16, 2012

the beer goggles were on

This poem was written by @AthenaDDixon. She had mentioned she wanted to join in on this poetry project of mine and I'm excited to have her! The line I gave her was "the beer goggles were on"

These small things remembered:
   the rending of thin metal,
    a carbonated hiss,
    hollow clatter of fingers
    against glass,
    and how the small rivers
    escape the corner of lips and
    slide into the darkness of his
    chest. Adam’s apple bulged mid-
   guzzle, the beer goggles
    were on.
We were:
    the cramped corner pinball love-
    making machines. The high pitched
    jingle of pocket coins and record
    scores. A rumbled rhythm of two
    feet banging the floor, the wall,
    each other in time to a six pack.

Apr 13, 2012

perhaps bad choices were good.

It's back! My poetry project! The way it works is I can send you a line for you to put into a poem, or you can send me a line, so I can write a poem with it, and I will post it on my blog, giving props to who wrote it! Fun!

This line was given to me from @daharadreams. Simply put, I love her. I was stoked she gave me a line to write with!
Here it goes!

Years of not knowing if she'll make it,
of tiredness,
and emotions she didn't know she had.
She started out as weak
and life has made her strong.
Miniature versions of herself
keep her going.
Keep her learning.
Keep her standing.
Give her something to wake up for.
Perhaps bad choices were good.
Transformed a naive teenager
into a strong woman.
She now knows she'll make it,
regardless of tiredness,
and the emotions she didn't know she had.

If you wanna join in on the poetry fun and wanna either write a poem with a line from me, or send me a line to write a poem with, drop me a tweet!
Happy poetry writing!


Apr 10, 2012


An overwhelmed mom
Crawls into bed with her babe,