May 31, 2010


a beautiful sunrise
is healing for the soul
Heartbreak fades
Burdens disappear
Tension releases

May 30, 2010

so close, yet so far away

3rd guest writer! Written by @runaway_tweets.

our friend the mountain
so close, yet so far away
in her shade we grow

your words level me
so close, yet so far away
funny thing, choices

May 28, 2010

Opportunity arises when least expected

My second guest writer! woohoo!! This one was written by my twitter buddy, @jgquinton. The poem I wrote with his suggestion can be found here.

High Art
When will you become the one
Who turns night into day
A soft spot in a song
That rings true to the bitter end
Hopeful and mindful
The past is full of memories
Dragged around for miles
An ending on its own
Words too deep to matter
Deemed high art by those who care
Luscious greens and spoken words
Tossed around the air
Yet again this unfolding of feelings
Strips me down to a shell
Words often too predictable
With rhymes killing the meaning
And here I am blaming you
The tragedy of expectation
Opportunity arises when least expected
I’m not the one to share.

May 27, 2010

'blood stains reminds me of happier days'

For those of you following my beloved #poetryproject on twitter(you can follow me here.) I decided to switch it up a bit, and send those interested in participating the line and have guest writers on here! I'm very excited!! I have a VERY busy weekend so I promise to do some writing when the weekend is over, and I have time to breathe.

My first guest is my friend, @CR4CK5T4R. You can read the poem I wrote with his suggestion here. I've very excited to have his creative work on my blog! Enjoy!

I am laying naked on the floor staring at the ceiling

The needle still in my arm does not numb the feeling

To have loved and lost, To have paid the cost

Now my own death is uncomfortably appealing

She was my only real connection with humanity

In my own pathetic isolated community

She held open the door, In truth she was a whore

She couldn't live without some form of immunity

I am not one who lives a life I would regret

For this reason I can never let myself forget

It will never last, They said 'cause of her past

She had sex with men for money when we met

After we had declared until death do us part

We received the news that broke her heart

The doctor news to give, The test was positive

And her short path to the grave was at it's start

Human immunodeficiency virus is the medical term

She couldn't live waiting to be killed by a germ

With my hunting knife, in the hand of my wife

She slit her wrist on this floor where blood stains confirm

If she was still here she would be giving me shit I'd bet

She would say, "Why haven't you cleaned the floor yet?"

I would try to explain, my reason incredibly mundane

I need these stains on the floor so I don't forget

I am standing now near a window and feel sun rays

Directly on my chest and my spirits finally raise

All that is left of the whore, Is the stains on the floor

That's why blood stains remind me of happier days

May 26, 2010

a cat's purr is the sweetest sound

Suggested by @mommysparrow. You can follow her here.

A long day has been had
Mouths fed
Clothes cleaned
Work done
Dishes washed
The countdown to bed is inevitable
on days like this
This person needed this
and that
And this person wasn't happy
This one wants to visit
and this one needs a favor
and you want some silent
so coffee fills the void instead
There is weight to be lost
and muscles to be toned
and children to potty train
Counting down to bedtime goes from inevitable
to a desperate need
and when you finally get there,
a cat's purr is the sweetest sound
It means you survived yet another
square on the calendar

May 23, 2010

and I say to myself - life is good

Suggested by @sharmstro. You can follow her here.

Feeling broken again
Don't understand why I end up here so often
Life was finally supposed to be calm
be secure
be safe
be full of love
And now I'm seeing visions of trainwrecks
and sad soul-less beings
bloody corpses looking for their remains
And then I think of the two beautiful people
sleeping silently in their room
Dirty faces, and never ending mischief
Smiles big enough to light a coal mine
It's these two gorgeous children I live for
They save me.
When my world is dark and lonely and scary
They save me.
So I wipe my tears away
and I say to myself-life is good.
Because of them, life is good.

Freedom beckons-without the humble constraints of ordinary life

Suggested by @radlady. She is also a writer and someone who inspires me. You can follow her here.

Freedom beckons without the humble constraints of ordinary life
Pressure against strife
Love attracts without the restrictions of mistrust
Intense lust
Victory is achieved without the fear of failure
With determination we quiver
Happiness is complete without a trace of negativity
even when positive acts happen rarely

May 20, 2010

"The self-proclaimed righteous go about the business of making shadows where once there was light."

Suggested by @SassyNancy. You can follow her here. This one made me think. It was tricky. Thanks for the suggestion!! I appreciate it!

Angelic rhythm brings the stars to twinkle
Whimsical beings encourage the clouds to dance
I am lost in a trance
This silence is peaceful, yet lonely
Journeys like this are to be treasured
Mysteries measured
The self proclaimed righteous go about their business,
Making shadows where there once was light
Legendary might
This is not the time to be superstitious
Times like these are spiritual
As if your heart is in the shape of a jewel
I would encourage staying here forever
Overhead the skies open up with heavenly rain
I feel no pain

Once upon a time I had the best sandwich ever

Suggested by @meredithblumoff. You can follow her here.

Once upon a time
I had the best sandwich ever
It was made with yummy stuff
for which I am clever
Chocolate and cherries
and cream cheese galore
So many calories
I'll sink through the floor
And I don't care about
getting fat
Skinny bitches of the world
Take that!

The revolution is over but it was only in my head

Suggested by my friend, @CR4Ck5T4R. you can follow him here. (I should add that he is doubtful that I'll be able to do this. I'll show him =P)

Take my hand, they're coming
Let's hide in the darkness
They want our power
They want supremacy
I can't see you
Dizzy with horror
Let's go as far as we can
Don't look back
The zombies are coming
I see them,
Closing in on us, I'm terrified
Nausea caused from a whirlwind of light
Run! They're coming!!!
They're going to get us!!
Pain engulfs me
My head is exploding
I open my eyes to see nothing but white
A padded room now surrounds me
A sigh of relief
The revolution is over but it was only in my head
I'm safe

May 19, 2010

I wish I said something

For those on Twitter, I am doing a #poetryproject. You can follow me here. If you msg me a line, I will write a poem with it. Here is the first! From my twitter buddy @jgquinton. You can follow him here! Here it goes!!

Beating herself up again
What a coward she is
Eye rolling seems appropriate
'I wish I said something'
Instead, fear won over
and she hid in the corner
Letting the one who loves her walk away
without a moment of recognition
Scared to feel loved
as she only knows hurt
'I wish I said something'
Deciding to step forward
to find the one who loves her
Will it be too late?

May 18, 2010


This is my attempt at happiness
My attempt at sparkly, sweet euphoria
Where the light shines in bright,
and the water tastes like rainbows
Where disappointment and sadness are void
and hurtful thoughts are left outside
The only feeling surrounding you is love
You take a deep sigh and relax,
This feels good.
The kind of good you want to bottle up,
put it in the freezer so it lasts forever