Aug 31, 2010

the sadness

The sadness consumes her spirit
Paralyzing her
She lays in bed
And tries to release this powerful sadness
But it's consumed her

Constantly flowing tears
Tears of sadness
Of anger
Of betrayal
Of confusion

This emotional rollercoaster
Has strapped her in
And won't let her off

So she waits.

As she cries, she waits.
For the end of this ride.
Because she knows once its done
The sadness will be just a memory


You spend your days
Craving an escape
From this heartbreak induced hell

You loved him
And he threw you away

So you fight

To get through the day
To deal with this pain
To pick up the pieces

And as you fall into bed
at the end of the day
Your exhausted spirit can finally relax


You survived another day
Maybe tomorrow will bring sunshine

Except sleep, brings dreams
So you spend your nights
Surrounded in nightmares

Nightmares of him
Nightmares of hurt
Nightmares of used up love

The Fighting
And the crying
And your crave for an escape

And when you wake in the morning
Your spirit relaxes
Finally, a break from the nightmares

Time to fight another day

Aug 30, 2010

A broken heart
Holds the hand of a broken spirit
Her companion on this journey

This journey of sadness
and of darkness

A journey filled with tears
and with anger

Anger hot enough to burn through your skin
And tears big enough to drown a puppy

Aug 29, 2010

The Gloom

Similar to the cloudy skies,
outside my window
My heart
feels taken over
by The Gloom.

A familiar feeling by now.

The rain
pouring consistenly from the heavens,
A cruel metaphor
for my tears.

The non stop tears,
always flowing
from my bright blue eyes

Aug 27, 2010


Where does one feel safe?
Embraced by a warm duvet
Away from the world

Surrounded with calm
Sshhh, quietly familiar
Collecting her thoughts

The citrus air is still
Its easier here for her,
Snuggled with herself

The world has been cruel,
Hiding from chaos, needed
Remember to breathe

Aug 23, 2010

the knife

pour the gas
light the match

pedal to the metal
hands off the wheel

I'd do anything to forget

Forget us
Forget you
Forget this deep pain within

the pain caused by you

when you grabbed that knife,
the knife of selfishness,
and you twisted it
deep within my soul?

It changed who I was

And when you walked away from me?
while I was lying in a pool of my blood?
It changed who I thought you were

Fuck you

Aug 21, 2010

and i say to myself - life is good. 2nd time posted.

I wrote this a while ago. I was playing in the backyard with my kids tonight and thought of it. How fitting it is for the moment. The line was suggested by @sharmstro. You can follow her here.

Feeling broken again
Don't understand why I end up here so often
Life was finally supposed to be calm
be secure
be safe
be full of love
And now I'm seeing visions of trainwrecks
and sad soul-less beings
bloody corpses looking for their remains
And then I think of the two beautiful people
sleeping silently in their room
Dirty faces, and never ending mischief
Smiles big enough to light a coal mine
It's these two gorgeous children I live for
They save me.
When my world is dark and lonely and scary
They save me.
So I wipe my tears away
and I say to myself-life is good.
Because of them, life is good.

toxic dew

morning light shines in
awaking your every sense
something leads you outside
and you take in the morning dew

at first you feel giddy
taking in its initial beauty
the happiness and love
you feel for this morning dew
overwhelms you.

what an awesome feeling
euphoria at its best
this morning dew consumes you
and puts you under its spell

slowly you feel dizzy
you contribute it to the beauty
the astounding beauty
of this magical morning dew

before you realize whats happening
you've fallen
the fall has broken everything you're made of
your heart
your spirit
your happiness

the pain takes over

screams are coming out of your soul
without effort

and blood spills out your every pore

it is then,
when its too late,
you understand why.

the dew
that was so attractive
and so magical
and so beautiful
was toxic.

it reeled you in with its beauty
and poisoned you.
it entered your heart,
and had its way with you

and now here you are,
frozen on the ground in pain
surrounded by it
surrounded by toxic dew,
grasping for life.

Aug 20, 2010

Almost Alone

and almost alone
Staring at a fork in the road

There's a storm blowing in
and no sight of protection
No one to save you from harm

Windy skies are blowing debris
As the fork in the road taunts you
Both journeys, filled with difficulty

Weighing the options has left you exhausted
And being you're almost alone
There is no one to catch you as you fall

Aug 19, 2010


a girl
sits in the dark
and reminds herself to breathe

she has
a painful empty feeling
burning deep within her heart

these feelings
are rocking her world
overwhelming and exhausting and horrifying

so here she sits
in the dark
reminding herself to breathe.

Aug 14, 2010

exit plan

trusting has failed you
unforgiving and callous
exhaustion sets in

"get me outta here"
lying representation
does not blissful make

lack of trust and faith
fueled by an fearful anger
need an exit plan


Coldness swirls around you
Images of Rainbows and Glitter
have transformed
into Bloody Corpses taunting you with their fear
Which reality will you give into?

Aug 5, 2010

old teacher legs

Its time for another poetry duet!! This one is also written by @runaway_tweets and myself!! You can read our first poetry duet here. She suggested the line this time, and it was a tricky one!!!

Here is the poem she wrote.


i still see her
my old teacher, legs bare
gauze skirt and clogs
a braid down her back

at the blackboard, tan arm raised
diagramming sentences
in her loopy script

i know the parts of speech
i make a fancy e
i write

when she arrived on my street
on the neighbor's motorcycle
tan arms
around his teenage chest

i closed my eyes
and turned away

and here is mine.


The babbling brook joins the trickling river
and the clouds float by with harmony
while wind rustles through the trees

Golden yellow dandelions
invade the lush greenery of your favorite field
while their musky scent swirls around you

The long branches of the Kentucky Coffee Tree
create dancing shadows under the hot sun
Reminding you of old teacher legs

Floating about you are thick billowy clouds
and as they release their refreshing moisture,
your favorite field is brightened with rainbows

Aug 4, 2010

No-Go Blogher!

When did you start blogging?
I started my poetry blog a few months ago. maybe 6?

Why did you start blogging?
I was posting my poetry on my other blog, The Antics of Miss Lizzy, and decided to start a blog dedicated to poetry. Poetry has helped me through a lot of hard times, and it is something I love to write. I had this blog for a couple months before starting my beloved #poetryproject. For those of you who are new to it, my #poetryproject is this- if you want to write a poem, you let me know, and I send you a line to write with!, and if you want me to write, you send me the line! I love sharing poetry with everyone, and seeing the feeling and emotion that comes out of a simple line. I have recently done my first poetry duet, we both wrote a poem using the same line! It was awesome to see how different the two poems were!

What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?
hangin with my kids, celebrating my moms bday with her, and hopefully doing some sewing.

Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite. (share the link in YOUR post so we all can see)

Hmm. I have a lot of poems that I love. I'll post a few of my favs for you. For those of you want to participate in my #poetryproject just lemme know! I'm on twitter, and facebook!


I wrote a Fathers Day series and this was the first one.


The revolution is over but it was only in my head ( my first poetry project post)