Feb 26, 2010

Bring your own Poison

Bring your own Poison
she said with a smirk
and a glimmer in her eye

Bring your own Poison
This night will prove interesting
me and you alone in a dark room

Bring your own poison
we'll drink it together
we'll need it to function

Bring your own Poison
forget the rest of the world
indulge in the forbidden

Bring your own Poison
she seems so mischevious
with that glimmer in her eye

Bring your own Poison
not enough time for regrets
right here, right now

Bring your own Poison
This night will prove interesting
me and you alone in a dark room


Like a delicate glass bowl
or a beautiful rose
you have to handle me with care
I'm so fragile, and tender
soft yet tragic
Easy to break
Easy to destroy.
My whole destiny is in the center
of your overwhelmingly
powerful being.
Please be careful
I"m sensitive to touch, sight,
sound, smell and taste.
Your taste
Your sound
Your touch
Your smell
Your sight
Please be careful
Please handle me with care
Please be gentle
Gentle enough to let me grow
You have all my power

Feb 24, 2010

Feisty (another Cinquain)

My great gramma passed away a few weeks ago and she's been on my mind quite a bit. This is for her.

Energetic, Stubborn
Gorgeous Great Gramma
Miss your sweet spirit

Feb 23, 2010

A Life Depressed (an ABC poem)

Alone again
Battling inner demons
Coldness surrounds me
Darkness to the core
Euthanasia is craved
Falling into an unknown world
Ghosts watching me
How did I get here?
Insignificance in this new world
Jarring my sense of feeling
Killing any hope for escape
Lusting after brightness
Mourning a happier life
Naiveness got me here
Oceans of sadness ambush me
Power is lost to this intensity
Quest for a way out of this hell
Resonating the confusion the controls me
Silence terrifies me
Trying to escape this pain I'm in
Underestimating the control it has on me
Victim to its power
Wretched pain overwhelms me
Yours is a world I envy
Zenith over takes me

Feb 22, 2010


Licorice jump rope
Hopscotch on rainbows
Sunshine soda pop and Skipping on cotton candy
Perky Haze
Dance til the sun comes up
Sugar flavored laughter and caramel excitement
Happiest headache in history

Coffee (a cinquain)

Hot, Aromatic
Vanilla Caramel Toffee
The day has begun

The Darkness

moonlight chills my skin
anger heard in the distance
confusion leads to frustration
How did I get here?
What happened to my sunlight?
Where did laughter go?
instead fear fills its place
anxiety and irritation are my new flavors
apprehensive to move, yet longing
for new beginnings
for something brighter
The Darkness works like glue
keeping me still
making me stuck
Where do I go from here?

Haiku of a Mommy

drinks morning coffee
breakfast and juice box for babes
sleeping is a wish