Apr 16, 2012

the beer goggles were on

This poem was written by @AthenaDDixon. She had mentioned she wanted to join in on this poetry project of mine and I'm excited to have her! The line I gave her was "the beer goggles were on"

These small things remembered:
   the rending of thin metal,
    a carbonated hiss,
    hollow clatter of fingers
    against glass,
    and how the small rivers
    escape the corner of lips and
    slide into the darkness of his
    chest. Adam’s apple bulged mid-
   guzzle, the beer goggles
    were on.
We were:
    the cramped corner pinball love-
    making machines. The high pitched
    jingle of pocket coins and record
    scores. A rumbled rhythm of two
    feet banging the floor, the wall,
    each other in time to a six pack.

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